::: t h e  s t o r y :::
 gypsy yuyos is a small-batch apothecary based out of san francisco and founded by a lifelong maker who studied herbal medicine making. After not being able to find natural, organic, high quality skin care items without non-active ingredients, she started making items for herself and friends. gypsy yuyos is forever inspired by the beauty of everyday plants and herbs and the benefits they can provide humans.
::: t h e  i n g r e d i e n t s :::
we use the highest quality ingredients possible when concocting products. all products are made with organic or non-gmo plant oils and butters, herbs, essential oils, and menstrums.
::: t h e  p a c k a g i n g :::
just how we really care about what we put on and into our bodies, the same goes for how our products are packaged. we firmly believe in taking care of the earth and strive to use as little plastic and unnecessary packaging as possible. it's everybody's responsibility to keep this planet alive for the future. a recycling program for bottles and jars is underway - stay tuned!